Ditch your daily stand-ups

Pulses can help your asynchronous team get aligned with scheduled recurring discussions on GitHub.

Why Pulses
Verba volant, scripta manent

Spoken words fly away, written ones remain. Alignment is better in written form, where you can go back and look at what has been stated.

Asynchronous wins

No need to keep trying to find the most convenient time for your team to meet. Everyone can respond to a pulse on their own schedule.

Single source of truth

Never wonder again about a detail mentioned in a meeting. You can always go back and read a past discussion created by Pulses. Everything stays on GitHub.

No onboarding needed

All you have to do is set up a schedule for Pulses to create discussions on GitHub. Your team stays on GitHub.

Use cases
Daily check-ins
Replace your daily stand-ups with written, context-rich and future-proof check-ins.
Team reports
Prompt team leaders to share team status on a weekly basis.
Client reports
Ask project managers to share reports on client projects on a schedule.
Casual talk
Kick off casual long-form discussions in your remote team to build human connection.
How it works
Install Pulses
Sign up for Pulses and install it as a GitHub app on your GitHub organization
Pick a repo
Select one of your repositories to create a new pulse
Set up discussion
Configure the category, name and content for discussions created by your pulse
Set up schedule
Pick the days and time you want Pulses to post the discussions
From now on, a discussion will be posted by Pulses with the contents and on the schedule configured
Get started with Pulses today
Replace your stand ups and recurring meetings with Pulses. Create scheduled discussions on the days and time of choice to get aligned with your team without ever leaving GitHub.
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